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Shock Trump! Pope Francis refused to meet the US Secretary of State. america – World

Shock Trump!  Pope Francis refuses to meet US Secretary of State

Pope Francis refuses to meet Pompeo

US elections 2020: Pope Francis, the greatest religious leader of Catholic Christians, has refused to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Vatican has issued a statement saying that during the election year, the Pope has been avoiding meeting the leaders.

Rome. Pope Francis, the greatest of Catholic Christians, gave a big blow to US President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Pope Francis refused to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, citing US elections. The Vatican said in a statement that the election process is going on in the US (US Elections 2020) and in the election phase, the Pope does not meet any leader, irrespective of the country.

According to media reports, Pope Francis does not want to meet him or use the name of the Vatican to influence the elections. The Pope has earlier expressed his displeasure at the increasing incidents of violence against black citizens in America. It is also believed that Pompeo met the Pope and went to the Vatican with a plan to make rhetoric against China, which Pope Francis had already realized.

Pompio’s statement about China worsensExplain that Pompeo had reached Vatican City as part of a four-nation trip. Before reaching here, he said that human rights violations are happening in China. Christians are also being harassed along with the rest of the people there. According to the BBC report, Vatican officials and pope had realized Pompeo’s intention to drag him into such rhetoric. Therefore, when Pompeo wanted to meet Pope Francis, the Vatican refused it. Trump has already been accused of promoting fundamentalist Christian organizations, which are also considered supporters of racism.

Earlier Pompeo had said- The Catholic Church is risking its moral credibility and strength. He alleged that the Vatican has entered into an agreement with China over the appointment of the Bishops. America feels that the Vatican is also accepting its terms under pressure from China. Pompeo had said- There is no danger of religious freedom in the world as much as in China. The Vatican believes that the Trump government is also damaging Pope Francis’s image in America. Trump and pro-Republican Christian organizations believe that Pope Francis is excessively liberal. In the year 2018, there was an agreement between China and the Vatican about the bishops which said that only Chinese-origin bishops can be appointed in China.

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