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Shirtless! Carlos Rivera appears on the beach and the temperature rises

Carlos Rivera is one of the favorite singers. But He has not only captivated us with his talent, but with his perfect anatomy as well.

The artist has become one of the most coveted in show business. Y we all die of love for him, although with the pandemic, the interpreter of I’m dying He has dedicated himself to giving private concerts and has not been seen singing in front of large crowds for a long time.

The singer knows how much they admire him and the love that the public feels towards him and he frequently shares his experiences with his followers. Now, he has posted on his social networks a photograph that has raised the temperature of all of us.

Carlos Rivera appears on the beach and shirtless

It was through his official Instagram account, which Carlos Rivera published a photograph in which he appears posing without a shirt, facing the sea, in a bathing suit and with dark glasses.

“Miami confirmed it to me”, wrote in the publication that drove everyone crazy and that has more than 450 thousand likes and adds almost 7 thousand comments.

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Rivera showed once again that is endowed with a highly molded figure and that he is one of the sexiest artists of the moment.

“Swallow me dirt and throw me in Miami Florida”, “Aaaaay God !! All that is mine!!!”, “What beautiful things they do in Tlaxcala !!”, I would like to be Photoshop to retouch your whole body, “Old tastyoooo” and “Mexico gave it to me”, were some of the comments that the photography unleashed.

The artist is enjoying a few days off, taking advantage of the fact that the confinement by Covid-19 has decreased the intensity and shares his serenity, peace and perfect figure with all his fans.

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