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Sheinbaum finds it difficult to change the Red Traffic Light in Mexico City due to hospital saturation due to COVID

The Head of Government of Mexico City asked businessmen not to politicize the issue of COVID-19.

Mexico City, January 6 (However) .- Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, Head of Government of Mexico City, said that before the saturation of hospitals currently exists in the entity, it will be difficult to change the epidemiological traffic light which will be in red at least until next January 10.

“We are going to say it on Friday, we are not going to anticipate, but you are seeing the evolution of the pandemic in the city every day and the level of saturation that is not total. There are still beds in hospitals thanks to the increase in hospital capacity of all the institutions and the support of many doctors who have come to Mexico City during this emergency, but the city is in a difficult situation regarding the pandemic ”, the president mentioned during her press conference.

Likewise, Sheinbaum pointed out that the decisions made regarding the health policy related to the control of the pandemic are based on the decrease in COVID-19 infections.

“The decisions that are made regarding health policy related to the control of the pandemic are decisions that we know have consequences, but they are based on the reduction of infections. I said it at the time, when we finally touched the limit of the Red Traffic Light; If it was difficult in March, now in December we knew that the closure was more complex due to the economic situation experienced by many companies and particularly the restaurant sector ”, he indicated.

The Head of Government explained that they understand the situation that many entrepreneurs and workers are going through, for which she recalled that the Government opened the emerging support program.

However, the president asked businessmen not to politicize the issue of the COVID-19 epidemic, since it is separate from politics.

“We understand the situation particularly of restaurant workers and that is why we opened this emergent support program that we know is little, but at least it is a basic income for a month,” Sheinbaum explained.

“We are going to make the decision this Friday according to the traffic light that is given to us, that it is the best for the city in terms of public health. The Red Traffic Light decision is not a political decision, but rather a public health decision. In the sense of reducing infections, reducing hospitalizations, today we have a very high saturation in hospitals, “he added.

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