She went to a job interview, was drugged with a false coronavirus test and abused

Days before Christmas, lthe victim had uploaded his resume to a recognized job search site and qualified in an advertisement: a lawyer was looking for a secretary to manage his agenda, so he was summoned for an interview in an apartment located in Vicente López.

Although I was very excited about the job possibility, She did not feel safe and attended the meeting accompanied by a friend who waited for her outside the building.

As stated in the complaint, the alleged lawyer who had summoned her asked her, as soon as she entered the department, to submit to a “Supposed olfactory test” Due to the coronavirus, for this he gave him two caps: one contained a powder and the other a liquid. By refusing to do so, the defendant threw one of the substances on her and she immediately felt dizzy and fainted.

Ayelén, friend of the victim, spoke with C5N and gave details of the aberrant episode: “She managed to send a message to the friend who was waiting outside asking him to call 911. My friend was groped and luckily she reacted and was able to leave.”

“When she ran out, a neighbor told her ‘Well baby you could go out’. So this happens often. The guy does interviews, drugs them and who knows what else “added.

The subject has a complaint for rape and a history of acting with the same modus operandi. In fact, after this new case came to light, other victims added their testimony. Even so the accused remains at large. Even several neighbors of that building said that they are afraid because it is violent.

“He is in his apartment, calm, perhaps interviewing more girls, being able to rest, being able to sleep. My friend cannot return home because she submitted a resume with the information on where she lives and she is afraid of being there. He has a daughter whom he left with his father. He can’t sleep because he closes his eyes and the guy’s voice comes to his head “Ayelén expressed in the public complaint she made through her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, police sources reported that a 911 call was received from the address located in José Ingenieros 374, 2 piso dept 7. That the victim was identified and that she pointed out that the 74-year-old man, whose initials are FME, drugged her and groped her.

The house was raided and six hard drives, a notebook, a pendrive, two video cameras, a photo camera and six DVDs were seized at the place. In addition, a substance found inside a garbage can was seized and will be examined. The complaint was filed with the Vicente López Gender Prosecutor’s Office and the accused was charged with the crime of dishonest abuse.

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