She went to a job interview and they drugged her simulating coronavirus test to abuse her

A job interview It became a true horror story for a 29-year-old girl who in the last hours responded to an ad posted on a well-known job offers platform. Thus, she reached an apartment in La Lucila, in Vicente López, with her resume in hand for a position as secretary of a lawyer, but they drugged her and tried to rape her.

The events occurred a few days before Christmas and the victim went to that place accompanied by a friend who waited for her outside the building. What happened inside came to light thanks to a friend who made her case viral so that no one else would suffer something like that.

A friend of the victim made the case viral.
A friend of the victim made the case viral.By: chronicle

According to the complaint that the young woman made on social networks, the alleged lawyer who received her friend asked her to submit to a supposed olfactory test of rapid identification of coronavirus and accepted confidently. They turned out to be a kind of “caps”, but as soon as he smelled them he was under the influence of some unidentified drug.

“She managed to send a message to the friend who was waiting for her, asking him to call 911. And she also managed to escape from the place,” explained Ayelén, the friend, in the video posted on Instagram. “To my friend they groped her and luckily she reacted and he was able to go, ”he added. But the most striking thing is that, as the young woman told her, when she ran she ran into a neighbor who told her ‘Well baby, you were able to leave’. “So this happens often. The guy does interviews, drugs them and who knows what else, “he remarked.

The victim made the corresponding complaint a day later but the subject it only spent a few hours delayed. “He is in his apartment, calm, perhaps interviewing more girls, being able to rest, being able to sleep. My friend cannot return home because she submitted a resume with the information on where she lives and she is afraid of being there. He has a daughter whom he left with his father. He can’t sleep because he closes his eyes and the guy’s voice comes to his head, ”Ayelén said in another story on the social network.

A judicial source confirmed Clarion that the complaint was filed with the Vicente’s Gender Prosecutor’s Office and that the man named, aged 74, was charged with the crime of dishonest abuse. They also raided his home and seized six hard drives, a notebook, a pendrive, two video cameras, a camera, six DVDs and a substance found inside a garbage can that will be examined.

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