She is hospitalized in serious condition

The serious episode happened at 4:10 p.m. on the by pass that connects Route 38 (El Pantanillo) and Route 33 (on the way to Felipe Varela Airport).

The person in charge of notifying the police was a motorcyclist who observed when a Renault Kangoo utility vehicle zigzagged along Route 38 and saw the driver physically assaulting his passenger, a young woman. The motorcyclist signaled to the aggressor to stop the violence and he insulted him and tried to hit him with the shot.

The witness managed to avoid the maneuver of the driver of the major vehicle and quickly moved to the roadside to notify the police. A patrol car headed down the bypass to try to locate the vehicle until it the policemen found a sad scene: the utility vehicle overturned among the vegetation on the side of the road and a few meters away, the half-naked young woman, in a state of unconsciousness.

Immediately the policemen called SAME for an ambulance and searched for the driver, who was found at the Trasnoa site, some 400 meters from the accident site. The man was trying to escape, but was quickly intercepted

As confirmed by judicial sources, the subject was identified as Eduardo Pawlosky (35), had suffered minor injuries and after being treated by SAME he was housed in the Investigations Division until further disposition of the prosecutor Hugo Costilla.

For her part, the young woman, identified as Jennifer Santillán (20), was admitted to the intensive care sector at the hospital.

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