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She died of Corona – man loses his mother’s urn on a pub crawl

Was THAT really her last will …

In the UK, a man lost the urn containing his late mother’s ashes while on a pub crawl. The tabloid reports on it „Daily Star“.

Accordingly, Paul Gale (39) was initially working on a night shift on September 22nd. The security guard then claims to have gone to a crematorium in London with his girlfriend, without sleep. There he wanted to pick up the urn with the remains of his mother.

Pamela Gale had died of Corona almost a year earlier. According to her son, he only had 13 days to take the jar with him. Otherwise, the operators of the fire hall would have scattered the mother’s ashes.

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And so Paul Gale was out and about with his partner, some shopping bags – including a carrier bag and the urn – before the couple made the fatal mistake and went to a pub.

The Briton describes what happened next as follows: “We went to the pub to have a few drinks. My girlfriend left at some point. I was so tired that I fell asleep there before someone woke me up and told me to go to bed. “

Paul Gale went home. There are also recordings from surveillance cameras showing the 39-year-old with his purchases and the urn bag. However, the guard arrived home without any bags.

“I don’t know whether someone took my bags or whether I just fell asleep on the street,” said Gale, who even claims to have turned to the police. However, they could not investigate because there was no evidence of a crime.

The security guard told the Daily Star, “I feel terrible. I know it throws a bad light on me. But I don’t care how I’m seen, I just want her back. “

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