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Shampoo or conditioner? The order in which you should apply them to have radiant hair

All our lives we have believed that shampoo is applied before conditioner and the truth is that it is not a wrong way to wash your hair as the product packaging itself indicates it. However, for some time a trend was born: inverted washing.

This trend has surprised women from all over the world because It breaks with the status quo of hair beauty, but like everything else, it has its pros and cons.

Shampoo or Conditioner: Which Comes First?

“Applying conditioner before shampooing adds hydration to fine hair without weighing it down, tIt will also make drying last longer and prepares the hair for washing “, explains Nina Dimachki, Kérastase’s creative director to Glamour.

The same way, This inverted order allows the hair to appear with greater volume and does not discriminate between dyed or oily hair. However, some hair with curls or waves do better with the shampoo first as it remains more controlled.

It is ideal for those who have their hair damaged, weakened or very fine because it is possible to protect the cuticles that normally dilate during washing. “In short, make the most of the moisturizing and protective qualities of the conditioner,” they point out from the portal Secrets Lounge.

In case you want to test to measure the results, it is important to do it correctly: applying from the roots to the ends (and not only from medium points as is usually used), informs Glamour.

The rinsing of the conditioner is very important so that there are no traces and then wash with shampoo ”, they add.

Those who have tried it affirm that hair is much softer and washing is much easier, clean and with light results.

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