“Shame on our nation”: Obama blames Trump for the riot

“Shame on our nation”
Obama blames Trump for the riot

After a Trump speech in Washington, angry supporters of the Republican riot in the US Capitol. Ex-President Obama blames Trump personally for the riots in the capital. Two other predecessors in office are also heavily criticized.

Former US President Barack Obama has condemned the escalating protests at the US Capitol as a “moment of great dishonor” and “shame for our nation”. He blamed the elected President Donald Trump for it.

An incumbent president who spreads lies for no reason about the outcome of a legitimate election instigated the violence, Obama said without naming Trump. “We’d be fooling ourselves if we treated it as a total surprise.”

Bush “appalled by reckless behavior”

Obama not only gave Trump responsibility for the unprecedented events in the heart of the US capital on Wednesday, but also the Republican Party, which did not tell its supporters the truth for two months after the presidential election. “Your fantasy story has drifted further and further from reality and it is built on years of resentment,” said Obama. Now you can see the consequences.

Two other Trump predecessors in the White House were also shocked. Former Republican President George W. Bush accused high-ranking officials of his party for sparking the “insurrection”. “This is how election results are challenged in a banana republic – not in our democratic republic,” said Bush. “I am appalled by the inconsiderate behavior of some political leaders since the election and the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions and our security forces.”

The Democratic ex-President Bill Clinton spoke of an “unprecedented attack” on the institutions of the United States, for which he blamed “four years of toxic politics”. Trump and his supporters in Congress, among others, had tried to overturn the results of the November 3 presidential election, Clinton said.

Militant supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol on Wednesday after the elected president called them in a speech to protest against the outcome of the November 3rd election. A congressional session held there to formally confirm the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden had to be paused.

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