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“Shame! Half naked again “: Koshkina in sexy lingerie undressed in the bathroom

Yana Koshkina inflamed fans with fresh shots on Instagram. Pavel Priluchny’s co-host in the Kings of Plywood program posed in the bathroom, flashing a gorgeous figure in scarlet linen. The bodice and panties clung to the starry body of the gorgeous brunette, emphasizing the seductive curves of her ideal figure.

Yana herself does not hide that she is proud of everything that Mother Nature has so generously rewarded her with. And you can’t argue with that! The TV personality looks very, very attractive. She has no excess weight, no stretch marks on her thighs, no cellulite.

“Shame! Half-naked again ”,“ Like a guria from the Sultan’s harem ”,“ Juicy and sexy ”,“ What a slender girl ”,“ Relief tummy, everything is in place ”,“ How did I show off !! Immediately after a shower ?! “,” Strange, what else is in the underwear “,” More often !! Admired “,” Oh-oh, seductress “,” How to resist you “,” Perfect itself “,” Cutie “, – the followers write.

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