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Shadows for droopy eyelids, the techniques you should know

There are many techniques that can help you highlight your natural features by adapting to the shape of your eyes. For people with droopy eyelids, applying shadows can be challenging. This is because if the proper technique is not used, the illusion of smaller eyes can be obtained. That is why below we share some tricks of shadows for droopy eyelids with which you can create an appearance of larger and awake eyes.

Shadows for droopy eyelids, how to apply them correctly

The first step is to know how we should position ourselves when applying the products, since this influences the final result. When you apply your eye makeup, keep your eyes open to see what the end result will look likeSince with drooping eyelids, the eyelid is usually covered when the eyes are open.

To apply your eyeshadow, apply the darker color not in the eye socket, but above to create an illusion of a more open eye.

For example, in the case that neutral colors are being used, the dark brown or black color would be placed above the eye socket, near the fixed eyelid.

The lighter color such as pink or beige, would be placed from the mobile eyelid and the brightest color is applied near the tear duct.

This same technique can be applied to any combination of colors you want. It all depends on the look you want to achieve, the colors can be very striking or neutral.

Lined for droopy eyelids

To outline the drooping lids, use a piece of tape and work it from the corner of your lower eyelid to the end of the eyebrow. Make a very thin line and smudge with a brush towards the top of the eye socket.

Long lashes for bigger eyes

Long eyelashes make the eye look more open, so always try to use mascara or false eyelashes. In the case of girls with droopy eyelids, the ideal is a water proff mascara to avoid staining your upper eyelid.

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