Singer Hannah posted a fresh photo on her account, where she showed juicy breasts and plump scarlet lips.

The singer is not shy about revealing outfits and is not afraid of angry comments from haters. Hannah was photographed practically naked. The artist’s outfit consisted only of black satin underwear.

“I bloom in the spring,” Hannah commented on her sexy look.

It is noteworthy that the celebrity’s husband – showman Pasha – encourages the bold and daring style of his beloved. The owner of the Blackstar label was delighted with the seductive wife.

“Baby, you are my buzz,” admitted Pasha.

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Note, Hannah painted her lips with bright lipstick, gave her hair a luxurious volume and made mesmerizing shots with a rose in her teeth. The fans of the artist were amazed at the beauty of Hannah in her underwear. The slender body and exquisite bust of the singer turned the head of more than one man.

“Chic”, “Pretty Woman”, “Best”, “Fantastic”, “My Rose”, “Oh, wow!”, “Bomb”, “Sexy”, admired the fans of the artist in the comments under the sensual footage.

Note that recently actress Polina Grents has shown no less luxurious forms. According to fans, the star of the series “Fizruk” lost weight and became even more attractive.

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