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Several senators do not want to confirm Biden’s election victory

EA group of Republican Senators has announced opposition to Congress confirming the US presidential election result. At the meeting on Wednesday they want to call for a commission of inquiry to be set up to carry out a ten-day review of the election results, as they announced on Saturday. The statement was signed by seven incumbent senators, including Ted Cruz, and four elected Senate members. You spoke of alleged electoral fraud and irregularities.

At the joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden is to be formally confirmed. The Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri had previously announced that he would object to it. Around a hundred members of the House of Representatives also want to deny Biden recognition. The initiatives could delay the final confirmation of Biden’s victory. However, they have no prospect of success.

Historically, confirming the winner is considered a formality. However, the outgoing President Trump refuses to acknowledge his defeat. He has made numerous allegations of suspected election fraud in recent months without producing any evidence. The Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had congratulated Biden on his election victory after the American electorate confirmed his success over incumbent Donald Trump in mid-December. McConnell urged his party colleagues to confirm Biden’s victory at Wednesday’s meeting.

Nancy Pelosi is standing for re-election as Speaker of the House of Representatives

At the same time as the vote on a new president, the House of Representatives was also re-elected in November, and around a third of the seats in the Senate were also up for a vote. In the House of Representatives, the Democrats had defended their majority in the election, if only just barely. In the Senate, who will be in charge of the chamber in the future will only be decided in a runoff election for two Senate seats in the American state of Georgia on Tuesday. It is unclear whether the Republicans will hold their majority in the Senate and thus put obstacles in the way of future Democratic President Joe Biden’s plans or whether the Democrats will also win the second Chamber of Congress.

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