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Seven more deaths from Covid-19 in Yucatán

MÉRIDA.- Today they were detected 73 new infections of coronavirus in Yucatan. Of these, 65 were registered in Mérida, 3 in Valladolid, 2 in Chemax, and 1 in Kanasín, Tizimín and Tunkás. With them, the total reached 26,645 positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic, 231 of which are from another country or another state.

In addition, today they reported seven more deaths, with which the accumulated reached 2,914 deaths. The deaths reported today are:

1.- 68-year-old female from Mérida HAS / Obesity

2.- 40-year-old male with Kanasín Asthma / Smoking / HASS / Obesity

3.- 81 year old female from Mérida HAS / DM / IRC

4.- Male 51 years of Progress HAS / Obesity

5.- Male 70 years old from Mérida Without comorbidities

6.- 72-year-old male from Abalá DM / HAS / IRC

7.- 41-year-old female from Motul HAS


Active cases in Yucatán

Of the active cases, 532 are stable, isolated, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms. Furthermore, 148 of the positive cases are in public hospitals and in total isolation. There are other patients awaiting diagnosis.

It was reported that 23,051 patients have already recovered: they do not present symptoms nor can they infect. This figure represents 86% of the total registered infections.

The age range of the cases is from 1 month to 99 years.

Coronavirus cases registered in Mérida

Specifically, in Mérida 16,045 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus (accumulated cases as of January 1), living in:

  • 3,308 in the Poniente area

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