service fails due to loss of light

Mexico City /

Telcel users, as well as telecommunications companies Movistar and AT&T reported problems in the telephone service, this due to the nationwide blackout reported by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

In this regard, the AT&T company reported that “por at the moment our service could be presenting intermittences in some cities derived from the interruption in electric power services in various states of the country “.

“At the moment, in areas where electricity has not returned, we are operating with power plants,” he added.

So far, lCarlos Slim’s telecommunications company has not commented on the matter or given an explanation of what happened to users.

Users also report that the service of other mobile phone companies is also failing such Movistar y AT&T.

“There is no mobile data service” is the message that users report when they want to access the telephone services of the Telcel company.


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