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Seriously injured: Panda attacks keepers in the zoo

Seriously injured
Panda attacks keepers in the zoo

Bad accident in Belgium: In one of the country’s zoos, a panda assaults a keeper. Other employees rush to help their colleague. The man comes to a clinic with serious injuries.

A panda bear seriously injured a keeper in a Belgian zoo on Saturday afternoon. The zoo keeper had direct contact with the four-year-old Tian Bao in a corridor in the panda house that was separated from the public, reported the Belga news agency, citing the Pairi Daiza zoo in the south-west of the country.

The panda wounded the man in one arm and one leg. Colleagues reacted quickly and took the animal away without injuring it. The zookeeper was taken to a nearby hospital. Belga wrote that his life was apparently not in danger.

Normally in Pairi Daiza any direct contact between humans and adult pandas is prohibited for safety reasons. The bears are loners and do not tolerate intruders on their territory. The keeper had been working in the park for several years and was familiar with the safety precautions, it said.

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