Serious suspicion against Leopoldo Luque, doctor of Die …

Dr. Leopoldo Luque, Diego Maradona’s doctor, faces a very serious charge for falsification. During the search of his home, a sheet was found addressed to the Olivos Clinic that says “I, Diego Armando Maradona, request that you hand over to my personal doctor, Dr. Leopoldo Luque, my personal medical history”. At the end of the note there is a signature, supposedly from Maradona. However, a second leaf was found with numerous similar signatures, which indicates that they were rehearsing the forgery of the idol’s signature. But, in addition, a third sheet appeared which is a real scanned Maradona signature: it is seen that the latter served as the basis for testing the forgery. The evidence of what could be a fraud was sent this Wednesday for an expert opinion, because it can have consequences of the utmost importance.

The team of prosecutors investigating the death of El Diez in the San Isidro justice system, made up of Laura Capra, Cosme Irribarren and Patricio Ferrari, coordinated by Attorney General John Broyard, ordered an expert opinion on everything found on Wednesday, but the finding raises a huge question: Which of the documents that exist today, related or not to Maradona’s health, are actually signed by the star and which have the forged signature.

The medical history note has two additional aspects:

*On the one hand accredits that Luque was Maradona’s personal physicianEither because the Diez signed it or because Luque wrote it falsifying the signature. In the latter case, he assigns himself the character of a personal doctor, which aggravates his situation because he did not order any cardiological control. The doctor argued in his defense that he was only a neurosurgeon, not Maradona’s personal clinician. This denies it on both sides.

* The second aspect is serious from a professional point of view: the medical records are personal of the patients, to the point that to request them, the signature of the person requesting it must be certified. It is a very serious violation of medical regulations to obtain a medical record without authorization.

There is another aspect that has been studied from the beginning by prosecutors. Something similar to a medical record was found in Luque’s home: messy, undated, just annotations. That exhibits improvisation. But, in addition, there is the suspicion that there are more studies and data from the medical history that Luque hid. A different scenario was found in the psychiatrist’s office, Agustina Cosachov, who did have an ordered medical history. In it, however, the supply of an enormous amount of medication that was contraindicated for Maradona’s coronary ailments weighs: they produced arrhythmias and fluid retention that, finally, caused the death of the star.

The new elements found continue to play against Luque in the criminal case, because no longer only improvisation is exhibited, little capacity to respond to the situation that Maradona had, but evidence of fraud appears. In this sense, another important piece of information emerged: the kinesiologist who treated the idol was not a kinesiologist, according to what the College of Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists and Therapists of Argentina told the court. Prosecutors also ordered an investigation into this aspect.

In principle, the team investigating Maradona’s death will continue to accumulate evidence during the month of January and has decided to convene a medical board for February. The intervention of the holders of the careers of Cardiology, Toxicology, Psychiatry, Medical Audit, Hepatology and Clinical Medicine from various universities will be requested. The objective is for them to determine whether there was negligence or malpractice and whether Maradona’s death was avoidable.

Along the way, irregularities, inefficiencies and improvisations appear that astonish the majority of those who have access to the judicial case.

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