Serial thief: the unusual list of stolen cars and the convictions of Papadopulos’ cousin accused of the murder of a policeman

Chief Commissioner Rubén Rivas, the victim.
Chief Commissioner Rubén Rivas, the victim.

Last December 24, Ruben Alejandro Rivas, 46 years old, a major commissioner of the Buenos Aires Police, He took advantage of his franc to go greet his mother and sister at their home in San Justo. Rivas had left his Chevrolet Aveo parked on the sidewalk. Around 8 p.m., while the policeman said goodbye to his relatives, was surprised by a group of thieves aboard a Fiat Siena that he tried to steal his car. There he identified himself, took his 9-millimeter caliber Bersa Thunder pistol and began firing: the shooting ended with the policeman being shot three times to the chest. The criminals escaped in Siena.

The investigation for the crime was in charge of the prosecutor Federico Medone, head of the La Matanza Thematic Homicide Prosecutor’s Office, who in the last hours found one of Rivas’ alleged murderers: Pablo Ariel Papadopulos, 27 years old, Arrested by the DDI of La Matanza of the Buenos Aires Police, who, as confirmed by judicial and police sources to Infobae, is the cousin of Ricardo Emanuel Papadopulos, the 21-year-old who last December 17 ran over and killed Isaac Sus, 5 years in Flores and who after being a fugitive for several days turned himself in to justice on Christmas morning.

Papadopulos, 27, a native of Lomas del Mirador, has a heavy medical record: robbery causes, aggravated injuries. His records show that he spent at least five years in federal prison, between 2012 and 2017, with a record dating back to when he was a minor and an eight-year sentence that unified two different sentences and was partially overturned in September 2016 by Room III of the Chamber of Cassation. He operated under an old alias: Pablo Ariel Miguel.

One day before the crime the policeman allegedly stole a Volkswagen Amarok pickup: He tried to evade a control in the Parque Avellaneda area aboard that vehicle and collided with a pole. Medone accuses him of murder criminis cause for the death of the commissioner, killing to hide: his penalty could be life imprisonment.

So, Papadopulos was raided. What the Buenos Aires Police found was at least interesting.

Pablo Gastón Papadopulos.
Pablo Gastón Papadopulos.

The suspect’s grandmother was surprised by a DDI brigade from La Matanza at the Papadopulos family home on O’Gorman Street in Lomas del Mirador. An old 7.65 caliber Mauser pistol with three bullets in the magazine was found inside a Volkswagen Bora. They also found a curious lot: 40 ignition keys from different cars, various makes and models.

They then went to another family home, a shed on Australia Street, also in Lomas del Mirador. There, as confirmed by police sources to Infobae, they found 16 cars, including a Peugeot 208, an old Fiat 600 and two Fiat Uno, high-end models such as an impressive Dodge Ram that, curiously, had the driving ban, as well as two other Volkswagen Ventos on the lot.

Other vehicles, instead, came much looser of papers.

A Volkswagen Gol Power, revealed its patent, had an active kidnapping request after being denounced for theft on October 2 at a Buenos Aires police station. The same happened for a Ford Fiesta: his request was active from the same day, December 30, a request from the City Police, this time for car theft.

The old Mauser found in Papadopulos' house.
The old Mauser found in Papadopulos’ house.

Were they stolen by Pablo Papadopulos? In any case, the crime is consistent with its history.

On June 1, 2015, while he was locked up in the Ezeiza prison, Court No. 25 with judges Goerner, Dieta Herrero and Bustos Lambert He sentenced him to a unified sentence of five years and six months in prison. The magistrates computed the five years that On April 9, 2014, the Oral Criminal Court No. 16 and the three years in prison suspended on July 5, 2013 by the Oral Criminal Court No. 4 of La Matanza, whose conditionality was revoked.

They had found it driving a Fiat 128 stolen from a woman on the corner of Castro and the United States: they made him lower and open the hood, the chassis number was filed and illegible. The patent did not correspond either.

The sentence that he would receive later, a computation of eight years, added seven events in total: robbery, aggravated robbery, cover-up, all crimes related to automobiles. The antecedents mark at least eleven years of career. His first income dates from 2009, five made between June and September of that year as a minor, when he was 17 years old. An old summary reflected in court documents recalls that on August 12, 2010 between 2 and 3 o’clock in Cafayate street 1496, Papadopulos and an accomplice seized a car “brand Fiat Duna, Using a car key that they carried and exerting force on things, they violated the lock of the right front door and the trunk and once inside the vehicle, they cut a chain that held the steering wheel with pliers and they started the car with the key of another vehicle ”to flee. Pablo Ariel had reached the age of majority just three months before.

Raid on Papadopulos cousin in Lomas del Mirador.
Raid on Papadopulos cousin in Lomas del Mirador.

His accomplice, a foreigner who went to trial alongside him, was a few years older. From the whole list there were a single fact in dispute in Justice with a claim that reached Cassation, for which he was convicted and acquitted by Chamber III in 2016. However, the rest of the process, an abbreviated trial, it was annulled.

The defense of the detained today reached Cassation. The proposal, at the legal level, is strong. Infobae found the bug:

Chamber III criticized that “the magistrates also introduced the abbreviated trial agreements signed by seven other events independent of that, thus incorporating, outside the stage of production of oral trial evidence, with ignorance of the rules of continuity and immediacy, elements that converged to integrate and found a single sentence of conviction, which subsequently led to the challenge of the appellant ”. Thus, they spoke of a “definitive pronouncement of an illegal nature.”

Today, Pablo Papadopulos, with his cousin imprisoned for killing a baby and running away cowardly, waits in a suburban cell to be investigated for something much worse than opening a car and steal it with a little street skill.

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They arrested the cousin of the young man who ran over and killed a 5-year-old boy accused of the crime of a policeman in San Justo

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