Sergio Berni’s controversial comparison between the young people who spend the summer on the Coast and the Malvinas soldiers

Almost like a kind of “deja vu”, the Government of the province of Buenos Aires offered an extensive press conference to warn of the “worrying” increase in coronavirus infections. In the middle of January, and much earlier than expected, the dreaded “second wave” seems to have arrived and the authorities replicate the images (and warnings) that they made during much of 2020.

In the middle of a press conference that was led by Axel Kicillof, held after agreeing with mayors of the Atlantic coast not to apply new restrictions (at least for the moment), the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, resorted to a controversial comparison to “send a message” to young people. And he did it, nothing less, than drawing a parallel with the Malvinas war.

“I want to send a message to young people. I am from the generation of ’62, where many of my generation spent 4 months in a trench with a rifle on their shoulders defending the interests of the Homeland. And none of them thought of going dancing, protesting because they couldn’t go out. They assumed the historical responsibility of looking after the interests of the Homeland, “the official began.

Berni, who is used to using military metaphors to refer to daily management, assured that “today the youth have the opportunity to take charge of looking after the interests of all Argentines”

“Today the youth have that historical responsibility to assume the commitment to bring peace of mind to all Argentines that we will be able to continue with this season, that the youth will take care of self-regulation, to make those who do not understand understand that what we are doing is to take care of work and the health of each of their neighbors and I am sure that our youth will understand, “he added.

And he closed: “I hope that he will be at the head of this country, because when in all parts of the world they are closing, we are preparing for this fight.”

The press conference, held in San Bernardo after the meeting with the mayors, was also attended by the Minister of Health of the Province, Daniel Gollan, and the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff, Carlos Bianco.

At the meeting, Kicillof and the communal chiefs agreed not to apply new restrictions “for the moment”, but warned of the need to take all precautionary measures again to prevent infections from continuing to grow.


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