SEP ready learn at home III, this will be classes from January

The Learn at Home program of the education sector in Mexico did not stop a single day in the face of the pandemic. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive.

The distance education strategy implemented in Mexico in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Learn at Home in its stage III, will comprise a new system from January 2021, indicated the coordinator of International Relations of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), Jimena Saldaña Gutiérrez.

The official stressed that, for Aprende en Casa III, the support of national, private and public channels will continue because it cannot be given only by one channel, but they must have different schedules and cover the largest possible area, he assured.

Commented that While in other countries classes were suspended, the educational sector in Mexico did not stop for a single day and began the School Cycle, according to the calendar that was planned, and on August 24, Aprende en Casa II was launched.

He recalled that, for the mixed education system, which will combine face-to-face and distance classes, where some states will be on a green traffic light, and the decisions fall on the state governments, which the Secretariat of Public Education is to propose a new system that will be called Aprende en Casa III, starting in January 2021.

What will Learn at Home III be like?

The programs transmitted by Aprende en Casa I and Aprende en Casa II, as of December 2020, total 4,550, which represents a figure that is rarely seen on television, but reveals an unprecedented effort.

The distance learning program will continue in a third stage, with Aprende en Casa III, and until the end of the 2020-2021 School Cycle, with which the first school cycle in history would be fulfilled under the distance modality.

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The monitoring of teachers

Regarding the follow-up of the teachers, he pointed out that with the support of the Google Classroom platform it was possible to maintain communication between teachers with students and their families as an additional tool, taking care of cybersecurity and the use of personal data

Acknowledged that The challenge for the implementation of Aprende en Casa III lies in the closeness with the students and the versatility of the different programs, to achieve a more efficient interaction between teachers and students, mainly in real timeIn addition, there is feedback from parents, as well as girls and boys, because all of them can comment on the programs through Instagram or Facebook.

Will there be a mixed method?

Saldaña Gutiérrez guaranteed that the agency is ready to continue with distance education in that same magnitude, or with a mixed method, if the country’s girls, boys, adolescents and youth require it.

The evaluation of the students

The general director of Curricular Development of the SEP, María Teresa Meléndez Irigoyen explained that, For the evaluation of the students, it was established that the grade will depend on the time of contact of the teacher with the student, if he was all the time with them, if the communication was intermittent or null, which is intended to apply fair grades and address the red light of students who have not had the support to continue with their learning.

Likewise, he explained that Aprende en Casa II is developed primarily based on expected learning, textbooks and current study plans and programs, and is complemented, thanks to television, with attractive visual elements that allow the possibility to experiment.

Meléndez Irigoyen commented that From the SEP it was suggested to the teaching staff, supervisors and school supervisors, not to exceed the workload of the students with the intention that they enjoy this new teaching method without feeling unnecessary stress or pressure, that affect their socio-emotional stability.

In addition, he reported that, Thanks to an agreement with Google, these applications were made free, as well as the training of teaching staff through 20 online seminars.

How is the Learn at Home program done?

Melendez Irigoyen, reported that 16 teams are working on the development of the Learn at Home II programs, which are made up of a coordinator, sub-coordinators, teachers and scriptwriters. In total, there are 300 people who work in these groups, of which around 200 are teachers..

Even, Institutions such as the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua also participate, which reviews the programs so that there are no spelling mistakes in any program. An academic team of five people thoroughly reviews each script before it is delivered to the television channel.

For this reason, he said, if one considers from the day a lesson plan began to be developed to the day it is broadcast on television, about a month passes. A week 155 scripts are developed to comply with the entire curriculum. From Aprende en Casa II, 2,621 programs have already been broadcast as of December.

To Learn at Home I Videos that were already prepared were taken because it could not be recorded due to the healthy distance and the scripts were made from homes.

And for Learn at Home II It was already possible to record and had teachers in charge of the TV programs, who also participated in the development of the scripts. Around 200 teachers were working on the programs. One more peculiarity is that the programs are also broadcast in various indigenous languages.

TV shows from Aprende en Casa II address all the subjects and study programs of the 2020-2021 School Cycle, for which programs of Initial Education, Special Education, Preschool, the six grades of Primary, Secondary and Upper Middle Education are transmitted.

  • He noted that, To cover all the subjects, television programming starts from 7:30 a.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m..

Distance education

Added that another Antecedent in Mexico on distance education is Telesecundaria, whose modality addresses a specific topic with the support of audiovisual materials where a single teacher teaches the total of the subjects. These contents, he explained, were adapted to strengthen the Learn at Home experience.

Aprende en Casa, in its first stage, was designed from the vision of Secretary Moctezuma Barragán to offer attractive, agile and innovative content.

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