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Sensation! – Serial killer convicted after 20 years

Paris – For decades, the French police searched for a serial killer who was up to mischief in Paris. For decades, you had little more than a phantom image of a man with smallpox or acne scars.

Now it is clear: the smallpox beast who cruelly murdered a German au pair girl who wreaked havoc near the famous Notre-Dame church between 1986 and 1994 was himself a police officer.

François Vérove (59) was serving as a gendarme in Paris at the time. When his former colleagues tracked him down, he poisoned himself.

The spectacular case: In April 1986 Vérove lures little Sarah (8) into a cellar in his police uniform and rapes her. A month later he kills Cecile (11), more acts follow.

On April 29, 1987, the German Irmgard Müller (20) and the Frenchman Gilles Politi (38), with whom she lived as an au pair, were found dead. Politi is tied up on the bed, his body covered with cigarette burns. He was strangled.

Müller was hanged in the nursery, her body crucified with ropes on the bunk bed. She was also tortured with cigarettes, DNA traces can be found on the butt and a tampon.

In the young German’s room, investigators find a sex calendar in which she has noted several lovers and their abilities. Only one gave a wrong name and cannot be found – most likely Vérove.

The case remains unsolved

There will be new information only in summer 2021. The investigators asked 750 gendarmes who were in Paris at the time to have a DNA sample.

François Vérove, now the father of two children, is one of them. He went into hiding and was found dead on September 30th. In a suicide note, he confesses to several crimes. The police are now investigating how many people he actually killed and raped.

One thing is certain: Irmgard Müller’s murderer has finally been found!

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