Senate election in the US: Waiting for the decision in Georgia

A close race is looming in the runoff election in the US state of Georgia. The polling stations are closed. It is still unclear who will win the two Senate seats. One thing is clear, however: this election was also about much more.

By Claudia Sarre, ARD-Studio Washington, currently Atlanta

The skyscrapers of Atlanta glitter in the bright sunlight. It almost seems like it’s just another day in Georgia. Millions of citizens were called to vote to decide on power in the Senate and thus on the success or failure of the new Biden government.

Campaigners stand on the sidewalk outside a polling station in Buckhead, a Conservative area outside of Atlanta, holding up signs with the names of the Republican candidates – Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, many Buckhead residents are Republicans – like 74-year-old Harriet.

Scare off “radical socialists”

Harriet is a typical representative of Georgia’s conservative electorate. Older, rich and white. For the elderly woman with the black mask, dark sunglasses and dyed hair, the Democrats radical socialists and Joe Biden are the wrong choice.

“I think Joe Biden is too old and sick. My granddaughter is a doctor and she also thinks he has dementia.”

The old lady thinks it is perfectly fine that President Trump called the Georgia election supervisor to convince him to overturn the election result of the presidential election at the last second. She is also convinced that the November election was cheated.

“I ordered my postal ballot papers four weeks ago and never received them. Voting fraud has been around for many years!”

High voter turnout

Despite all rumors of fraud, there was already an above-average turnout on election day in Georgia. Democrats had already voted in large numbers in advance by postal and early voting. 30-year-old Max and his girlfriend are optimistic that the Democrats can win the two Senate seats.

“I think universal health care is important. I want to protect the environment. I want equal rights for everyone. And we can only do that with a democratic majority in the Senate.”

Harriet, the old lady, disagrees. A black Mercedes cabriolet drives up. Her husband picks her up at the polling station. She continues to stand by Trump. Even if he and his Republicans should end up losing the majority.

“What did Trump do? He brought our economy forward. Everyone had jobs. I’m sorry he tweeted so much and misbehaved, but at least he was for the United States.”

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