Senate election in the US: Both Georgian seats go to Democrats

According to media reports, the Democrats were able to secure both posts in the runoff election for Georgia’s seats in the US Senate. The future President Biden has a de facto majority in both chambers of parliament – and can govern more easily.

According to forecasts by the US media, the Democrats of the future US President Joe Biden have secured control in the US Senate by winning runoff elections in the state of Georgia. After the candidate Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff also prevailed in the votes in Georgia against the respective previous Republican incumbents, as reported by the broadcasters CNN, NBC and CBS as well as the news agency AP.

Ossoff had already declared himself the winner that afternoon. Republican Senator David Perdue is left behind.

The successes have given Biden significantly more freedom for his government projects, which the Republicans can no longer block. However, the election result was overshadowed by the chaos at the US Capitol: Supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump stormed the congress building after he had incited them.

Free space for Biden’s plans

After the counting thriller in the US presidential election, the race for the two Senate seats in Georgia was an extremely close decision. The Democrats had to capture both Republican seats to take control of the Senate. One would have been enough for Republicans to keep a majority in the Congress Chamber.

Again many absentee votes

In the presidential election in Georgia, thanks to many postal votes, Biden overtook incumbent Donald Trump in the last few meters of the count. In the end, he won with a lead of only around 12,000 votes, with five million ballots cast.

Even in the runoff elections for the Senate, more than three million people voted by postal vote or early voting before the actual election day, which again benefited the Democrats. In Fulton County with the more democratic metropolis of Atlanta, the turnout on election day itself was even higher than in the November election.

High voter turnout

In particular, the above-average turnout among black voters benefited the Democrats, according to observers. The runoff elections for the two Senate seats had become necessary because none of the candidates in the November election had the necessary absolute majority.

In the second race, the Democrat Raphael Warnock won against the Republican Kelly Loeffler.

Harris will make the difference

The majority in the Senate not only makes it easier for Biden to get bills through Congress, but also for his ministerial candidates, which have to be ratified by the Senate. With the two seats in Georgia, the Democrats have 50 of the 100 seats, which is as many as the Republicans. In the event of a stalemate, however, the vote of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would be decisive for the Democrats.

In November, the Democrats narrowly defended their majority in the House of Representatives, the second Chamber of Congress.

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