Senate election Georgia: Democratic candidate Ossoff declares himself the winner

BIn a very close runoff election in the US state of Georgia for a seat in the US Senate, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff claimed victory. He thanked the people of Georgia for their trust, Ossoff said on Wednesday. According to the current count, the 33-year-old is just ahead of the previous Republican incumbent David Perdue, 71, with a lead of 16,370 votes and a gap of around 0.4 percentage points.

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The US media were initially reluctant to make predictions about the outcome of the runoff election, among other things because several thousand absentee votes could arrive from abroad by Friday.

In the second runoff election on Tuesday, the Democrat Raphael Warnock was able to narrowly prevail against the Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler, according to the forecasts of the US media.

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