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SEK in action: – IAA opponents abseil down the Autobahn

Munich – Activists hang on climbing ropes several meters above the motorway bridge, the cars rush by underneath them: It’s hard to imagine what happens when someone is briefly distracted …

On the opening day of the IAA Mobility auto show, activists descended from several bridges and put up banners. The police are currently aware of four locations. According to BILD information, height rescuers from the SEK are in action. The highways are partially closed to bring the protesters down.

With a turntable ladder from the Neufahrn fire brigade, the elite police officers of the SEK Nordbayern from Nuremberg let themselves be raised to two hanging activists on the A92 near Freising-Süd / Eching.

Then everything happened very quickly. Two SEK men were driven to the first activist with the rescue cage. He was then dropped on a bridge where the police were waiting for him. A few minutes later the same game for the second activist.

The IAA opponents were arrested and driven to the police station. The police are investigating, among other things, for coercion. The operation on the A92 ended at around 10.30 a.m. and traffic was reopened.

Overall, the A8 at Hofoldinger Forst, the A9 near Fürholzen, A92 near Freising-Süd / Eching, the A94 near Markt Schwaben / Parsdorf and the A96 Fürstenried were paralyzed by dangling activists.

“This is a distraction for drivers and a danger for everyone involved,” said a spokesman for the Munich police.

On the A9 near Freising (driving south just before the Fürholzen West service station) you are currently changing the lettering on the signs. According to their own statement, the activists want to cover the original lettering with large stickers.

Instead of “Kreuz Neufahrn in 2000m” and “Fürholzen West” it should read: “Verkehrskollaps in 2000m” and “smash car lobby & industry” “no IAA”.

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