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Second season of Luis Miguel will show his darker side

A Luis Miguel more mature man who takes charge of his career and personal life is presented in the second season of the series of Netflix that premieres this Sunday.

Told in two lines of time, and through eight episodes, this new installment brings with it new characters that marked the life of the interpreter of “Until you forget me.” Characters that, as the Spanish actor emphasizes Fernando Guallar (Mauricio Ambrosi, in the series) function as satellites around “El Sol” that help to represent his most sensitive and vulnerable side, a different face from the first season.

Such is the example of the above, the participation of the model and actress Macaraena Achaga who plays Michelle Salas, the first daughter of Luis Miguel.

“The character is built based on, obviously, a version of the story that is the one that appears in the scripts, which is the one that you are going to see in the series,” he explained in a round table with the media, in response to However, the 31-year-old young actress.

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Although he admits that he did not have contact with Michelle Salas to build his role, he details that he always did it “conscientiously”, since “he is still a character” within the series.

“My Michelle is still a version that is curated by my Macarena lens, who surely has my personal experiences, such as Michelle’s things as inspirations in the look, which I had a lot of fun to wear. It is a time where I do not know if they will recognize it as such. It is the construction of the girl to the woman we know today ”.

He assures that it generated “a lot of responsibility to play a character that everyone knows,” but he was always looking for things that the public could identify with, such as this battle of adolescents to find their identity and who they are.

Macaraena Achaga are Miche Salas. Picture: Netflix

“That was my main task when I was trying to reflect that character, that he had a real depth, that I felt that he did live it, I was going to be able to empathize with her.”

In one of the timelines in which this second season develops, he places the viewer at the beginning of the 90s, continuing the first installment and showing Luis Miguel with the freedom of his career that his father never allowed him. At that stage, close to him is Mauricio Ambrosi, part of the singing tour team and also one of his closest friends.

Fernando Guallar is Mauricio Ambrosi. Photo: Netflix

Mauricio is the few characters that Luis Miguel lets into his privacy, and the new chiaroscuro that the series presents from “El Sol”, the role taken by Fernando Guallar will be an important piece.

“I believe that both the character of Maca and mine come to nurture the myth of Luis Miguel with that humanity. In my case I think it is very nice when you are playing a character who has direct contact, who has a confidence with that myth. I think Mauricio helps to tell what Luis Miguel is like from vulnerability, to humanize him much more. I confess that it always seemed very funny those jokes in serious to say to the person: ‘I speak to you with affection, but it is a wake-up call because I think you have to be careful,’ “he told the media.

“These characters come to fill it with humanity. To show a side that was not seen in the first season in my understanding that it is much more human, much more sensitive, “adds Macarena.

The second timeline is located at the beginning of the 2000s. There we see a more mature Luis Miguel, with a no longer youthful appearance who tries to deal with his fatherhood and other problems that seem to take their toll on not being solved in the past.

“The love and friendship, the affection that both Michelle and Mauricio have towards Luis Miguel is true. Seeing him badly makes us restless. It makes us want to take care of you. Fortunately, Micky does open up with us, which he usually shares with people, and that is the key to humanize him. Most of the characters are satellites around him ”.

The first chapter of the second season premieres this Sunday from 7:00 p.m. in Mexico, a new episode will be released every week.

Official poster of Luis Miguel. Photo: Netflix

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