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Sebastián Eyzaguirre’s ex-partner sued him for mistreatment and threats

During an Instagram broadcast, Cecilia Gutiérrez announced that Sebastián Eyzaguirre’s ex-partner, the journalist Lorena Vargas, filed a complaint against him for habitual abuse and consummate threats.

The judicial action points to the “crime of habitual mistreatment, to a degree of consummation, foreseen and sanctioned in article 14 in relation to article 5 of Law Nº20,066 on Intrafamily Violence; and as the perpetrator of the crime of threats, in the degree of consummated, foreseen and sanctioned in article 296 of the Penal Code ”.

According to the journalist, the complaint against Sebastián Eyzaguirre was filed at the end of last year, but in April of this year it was considered admissible by the court. “He can’t go anywhere near the place where Lorena Vargas lives or where she works, nor can he communicate with her by any means. You cannot send him messages, you cannot write to him on social networks. The judge determined that it is dangerous for him to approach her, ”said Cecilia Gutiérrez.

Lorena Vargas revealed that the two met in a work context. “He was my boss. After a long time, in June 2019, we started a loving relationship and on March 14, 2020, we moved in together“, Said the document, in which it was detailed that”abuse and violence increased during the last months of our relationship, especially when we start living together ”.

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