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Seat León: this is how its lights have evolved over 20 years

Seat León: this is how its lights have evolved over 20 years

Since its commercialization began, back in 1999, the León has been innovative in many aspects. The one that has risen as the best-selling car in Spain on countless occasions, has also been and is a benchmark when it comes to lighting. Aware and proud of them, the Spanish brand reviews the evolution of the Seat León headlights in its 20-year history.

Four are the generations of the Seat León that has been put on sale. In each of them, the Spanish manufacturer has been incorporating advances that, as far as lighting is concerned, have meant progress from halogen headlights to LED lights. “The Leon has been and is a benchmark, not only in Seat, but also in the compact segment. It has always incorporated the most efficient and powerful light sources to guarantee the safest night driving,” explains Magnolia Paredes, Head of Development. Electronic and Validation of the Seat Lighting Department.

Seat Leon first generation, halogen headlights

The great lighting novelty of the first generation of the Seat León (that of 1999) was the plastic outer tulip. As Paredes explains, it allowed us to work “without shape restrictions, playing with the illuminating surface.” Another innovation was that the height of the fog lamps, which were standard, could be adjusted through a control to achieve the greatest possible range without dazzling other drivers.

Second generation: xenon lamps

The headlights of the first generation of the Seat Leon were halogen; for the second, Seat adopted the then innovative xenon lamps. This technology offered greater luminosity (with 850 lumens compared to 500 for halogens), a 35% lower consumption and a longer life. “In addition, its whiter color, with a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin, made it possible to reduce eye fatigue on long night trips”, Paredes maintains.

Between 2005 and 2012, the Technical Center was introducing innovations in the model such as the automatic connection of lights, allowing the driver to be carefree and avoiding the risk of forgetting when entering a tunnel or a parking lot. In addition, the daytime running light is released, another great improvement for safety, as well as the taillights with LED technology.

Third generation: the LED arrives

With its third generation, the Seat León became the first model in its segment to offer a faros Full LED for all its functions. By then, the model already had driving assistance assistants such as the automatic change between low beam and high beam, a device that thanks to a camera located between the windshield and the interior rear-view mirror allows to detect when there are other vehicles in the car. road, both those who are approaching from the front and those who are going to overtake, and adapt the headlights so as not to dazzle them.

Fourth generation: maximum energy efficiency LEDs

“With more energy-efficient LED technology, the fourth generation represents a great leap in light flow on the road, as well as having a greater range and width than the previous one,” says Paredes.

The lighting system of the new Seat León has two lighting levels: the Eco LED, which offers up to 550 lumens of luminous flux on the road in the low beam, with a range of 60 meters; and the Full LED, with up to 900 lm and a range of 70 m. Besides, the interior LED light line Around the driver, it alerts if you are driving with a door that is not properly closed or if someone else approaches from behind when you get out of the car.

The new Leon is also the Seat’s first vehicle with a welcome from the different light groups“: The message” Hello! ” that is projected on the floor when opening the doors; the progressive ignition of the coast-to-coast (continuous functional lighting connecting the taillights) and a color scheme of the interior LED light line greet the driver. Colors can be customized based on mood and driving modes: red to wake up, green to relax, and blue for a calm and stable environment.

Noelia Lopez April 27, 2021 – 08:26 a.m.

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