Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister of Scotland, I take Chile as an example of what could happen in other countries if measures to prevent Covid-19 infections are not further strengthened.

On his official Twitter account, Sturgeon commented on a post from the Scottish media The Herald, in which it is analyzed the Chilean situation in relation to the vaccination process and the increase in cases and occupation of beds in hospital facilities.

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“What is happening in Chile at the moment serves as a warning of what will happen if the restrictions are eased too quickly and before we have vaccinated a sufficient number of people, “said the chief minister of the European country.

In addition, the authority stressed that “ehe care and caution will return us to normality with greater security ”.

In this way, the words of Nicola Sturgeon are added to the articles published by the international media Washington Post and New York Times, who criticized the handling of the pandemic in Chile.

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