Scotland rejects possible Trump visit

Dhe Scottish government has rejected a possible flight by outgoing American President Donald Trump to his golf resort in Scotland. She was responding to media reports that Trump was considering flying to Scotland on January 19 so as not to have to attend the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden on January 20.

In view of the corona restrictions, it is illegal to enter Scotland without a necessary reason, said Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday. “Coming here to play golf is not what I would call a necessary reason,” she said. “We are currently not allowing anyone to come to Scotland for no reason – and that applies to them as to everyone else.”

Trump is fighting massively against Biden’s election victory. Scottish media had reported that the arrival of a US military aircraft of the type Boeing 757 had been announced at Glasgow Prestwick Airport on the 19th. Trump has also used such a machine in the past.

Sturgeon emphasized that she did not know Trump’s travel plans: “I hope and expect – as everyone expects, but not necessarily hopes – that his current travel plan includes leaving the White House.”

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