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Schiaretti toured the Córdoba vaccination center: “I am convinced of the efficacy and safety of Sputnik V”

Governor Juan Schiaretti visited the Córdoba Convention Center (in Feriar) on Monday, which will be the reference point for vaccination against Covid-19.

“It will be the central point of the city of Córdoba to vaccinate against Covid-19. It will start with the people who offered their lives in the fight against the pandemic, “he said.

And he added: “I am going to get vaccinated when it corresponds to vaccinate me. At this moment we must be fair and equitable and start with the health personnel ”.

The governor said he was “convinced about the efficacy and safety of the Sputnik V vaccine, because it has already been proven.”

He was also happy, because the vast majority of doctors accept the vaccine.

According to Schiaretti, based on a survey of health professionals, “98% of the doctors in Córdoba” are willing to get the vaccine.

“It is the support this campaign needs. I hope that all people from Cordoba can have access to the vaccine, ”he said.

In turn, in the interior of Córdoba, the first stage of vaccination will be carried out in the 24 vaccination centers of the provincial reference hospitals.


The Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, who also participated in the tour, said that the teachers will be another of the groups that will have priority when it comes to getting vaccinated, taking into account the start of classes in March.

The Convention Center was adapted to carry out the first part of the vaccination, in which it is expected to immunize “7,000 health workers who work on duty teams and critical areas or intensive therapies in the city of Córdoba,” the Province reported.

Dynamics are organized in cells

  • 1) Reception: the shift is confirmed and the triage is carried out.
  • 2) Vaccination: the vaccine is applied and the card is completed.
  • 3) Registration: the application is registered in the provincial computer system and a shift is assigned for the second dose.
Cardozo, at the Córdoba vaccination center. (The Voice / Pedro Castillo)

Arrival of doses

Gabriela Barbás, Secretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, confirmed the early arrival of 21,900 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to begin this Tuesday with the vaccination campaign throughout the province of Córdoba.

The Russian vaccines will arrive in the province between the afternoon and night of this Monday.

“Today we are going to receive the doses of this first stage, there are 21,900 doses, today we would be receiving half, and next week the second half,” he said.

Schiaretti visited the Vaccination Center with Cardozo in the Córdoba Convention room. (Pedro Castillo / The Voice)

Consulted by Cadena 3 and radio Miter, on whether Governor Juan Schiaretti is going to be vaccinated, Barbás excused himself and said that this answer “exceeds” it.

However, he made it clear that the first vaccinated will be from health teams “up to 60 years.”

“If we remember that it is only for health teams, in the second stage there will be different lines, or by 0800 or by internet page, or by the vaccination center thinking of being able to include the different strata of the city, in terms of age groups , and computer platforms “.

Despite the fact that Russia reported on Saturday that those over 60 years of age were authorized to be vaccinated, Barbás stressed: “Let us remember that although tests have already been carried out for people over 60 years old, the authorization is not yet signed so that they can be Apply”.

According to Schiaretti, and based on a survey of health professionals, “98% of doctors are willing to get vaccinated.”

What did Cardozo say

In the same vein, the provincial Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, spoke.

“We are waiting for Anmat to authorize vaccination for people over 60. Once that authorization is in place, we believe that the governor will be vaccinated,” Cardozo said in statements to FM Pulxo.

He also said that he will be vaccinated, although he did not specify yet if it will be this week or next, as he had anticipated The voice.

In statements to The voice, Cardozo hoped to be able to vaccinate between this week and the next to the 19,500 people that make up the health personnel defined as a priority, whether they are doctors, nurses, physical therapists, assistants, cleaning personnel, among others. And he celebrated that according to surveys carried out by the Council of Physicians and the Federation of Professionals of Córdoba (Fepuc), the vast majority of them are willing to receive the vaccine.

The vaccination center of Córdoba. (The Voice / Pedro Castillo)

Today, together with Governor Schiaretti, Cardozo will define who will be the first five people who will receive Sputnik V in Córdoba. The idea is that they are representative of each sector of the health personnel.

At around 9:30 a.m., Schiaretti walked with Cardozo through the Vaccination Center. Army personnel who will be in charge of the operation also participated.


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