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Scandal in Mar del Plata: a soccer match on the beach ended in a pitched battle

“They were 6 or 7 against only one,” said a witness to the event Credit: TV Capture

After the health and municipal authorities coordinated social distancing protocols to receive tourists on the Atlantic Coast, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of people put together a soccer game on the beach Mar del Plata and everything ended in a pitched battle as a result of an argument.

The incident occurred this Friday in the Las Toscas spa and, according to witnesses, the “picadito” on the seashore was not allowed, so lifeguards and security personnel who were in the place approached to ask for the meeting to end.

However, the young people did not make room for the claim and continued with the game, which generated discomfort among those present who were enjoying the beach.

Minutes later, one of the young men inadvertently hit an older woman walking along the shore with the ball, which once again angered some tourists. “They threw the lady to the floor and no one who was playing took care of it. The swimmer came to ask them to stop playing like this, so gross, but they also rebuked the swimmer, “said a man who witnessed the fight at C5N.

The players were angry with the man who had previously asked them to give up the activity and that was when they beat him. The images were captured by the news feed and quickly viralized on social networks. In them it is observed how They hit the man who wanted to finish the game among several.

“They were six or seven against just one,” said the same witness, who commented that his son had also participated in the game. Although there were no injuries, the police arrived at the scene when the fight had already ended.

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