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Say yes to caps, but NEVER making some of these mistakes

Probably since i’m in school I don’t wear caps. When I went to the beach and could not keep a hat from my mother, a cap One of those that gave you the name of a famous brand always worked. When I grew a little older and had my first boyfriend, who played baseball, the caps came back to my life, not only to support the American baseball team that I suddenly became a fan of, but also to be a supportive girlfriend.

In those days I did not pay much attention if the cap combined correctly, although many sporty looks were the order of the day, but now that this accessory is back, (for a couple of seasons) and it has been one of the most popular trends. popular during the winter and last summer, it was time to take the dress code more seriously and the basic mistakes to avoid when wearing a baseball cap because everything indicates that we will continue to include them in our outfits.

The perfect fit

Although it seems redundant, the most important point will always be to find the one that fits you well. What does this mean? What you must feel comfortable with the cap, that has the correct fit on the head to prevent it from falling, but never that it is so tight that it will cause a headache or, just as terrible, that it leaves red marks on your ears and / or indentations on your forehead .

Do not combine them like this

It is true that nowadays caps go perfectly well with a pair of heels, and that their use can go from day to night, in very sporty looks such as more casual and avant-garde, but it is true that there are certain combinations, no matter how modern. that we want to be, that they do not go. For example, wear that super sporty cap with a peplum top and skirt set or with a long skirt and floral shirt. Without a doubt caps are better to match blazer, jackets or trench coats, oversize sweater or shirts, tube skirts or knitted maxi dresses, to name a few outfits.

Know the fabrics

If you wear the cap during a more wintry season, choose to do it with one of warmer fabrics, such as wool or suede. If you do it during the summer or when you go to the beach, better choose a baseball cap in a breathable fabric, like cotton. Of course, if you plan to wear a cap with a leather jacket, make sure that, if the cap is made of leather, they actually combine or, simply, opt for the classic cotton so that there is no excessive clash of the same material so close.

A rule of thumb for when to apply

Remember that sometimes less is more. But the truth is that you can get much more out of a plain black or white cap (or in any other unicolor tone), with small letters on top, than to a model that is loaded with a lot of color, designs, patterns, etc., that you can use on rare occasions and that will lose its appeal after using it for a season.

If possible, avoid doing this …

Unless the visor obstructs much of your view or prevents you from safely performing a task with it, don’t wear the baseball caps backwards. It’s just not the best look. Perhaps this is excessive, but we cannot fail to mention it, the same happens when using them sideways. That only works for young children.

Has already lost its color

It is common to hear that common sense becomes the least common, but even if this is not your specific case, we cannot fail to highlight this last point: keep your cap clean. A dirty cap (due to sweat or stains), neglected, with a few loose threads, is never pretty or will (hopefully) be a trend. So that it can go correctly to match your look and have its fair share of prominence, it is better to always keep it impeccable and in good condition.

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