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Saunders lashes out with the press to warm up Canelo

Billy Joe Saunders has a strange strategy to unhinge Canelo a few days after his fight against the Mexican boxer

Surprise is not that Billy Joe Saunders start talking too much to try to heat up the fight with Canelo Alvarez this Saturday before 68 thousand fans at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas, but not only has he gotten involved with the Mexican and his team, but also with part of the Mexican press that is covering the event.

Saunders, who did not appear on Tuesday at the official arrivals because he preferred to rest in his room, finally appeared on Wednesday for a face-to-face with the Mexican, who was asked if he liked meat, alluding to Canelo’s setback. A few years ago on clenbuterol, although he forgot that he ever tested positive for oxilofrin and had to forfeit the world middleweight championship as a result.

Canelo told him that, if he liked other things, referring precisely to that episode in the British career, who replied that for the first time he was going to face a gypsy heart, to which Canelo told him that on Saturday he was going to taste Mexican blood. Seconds later they had to separate them to avoid shoving.

Saunders has also lashed out at the press, telling Mexican reporters phrases such as “suck me the pe …” or “your breath is a shit …”. It seems that his strategy is to attack any factor that alters Canelo.

Saunders has had several problems under the ring. In March 2020, he uploaded a tutorial on how to hit women, which earned him a suspension from the British Boxing Commission., although he later apologized for it. Months ago, in 2018, he uploaded a video humiliating a person who abused harmful substances, which again put him in the eye of the hurricane.

This week, both Saunders and his team have also gotten hard with Canelo Álvarez’s team, yelling at them every time they go to the gym, which is installed to one side of the lobby of the bubble hotel in front of the Cowboys stadium. Games that, Billy Joe hopes, will make a dent in the mind of the Mexican fighter, favorite to beat him this Saturday. Billy Joe Saunders in his plan. He messes with Canelo, he messes with Canelo’s team, he messes with the press, especially the Mexican press. We’ll see if the game works for him, today the press conference in Texas.

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