Sarah Everard killed: elite London police officer charged with murder of young woman – Panorama – Gesellschaft

After the body of a 33-year-old woman was found near London, an elite British police officer in custody was officially charged with murder. As the prosecutor announced on Saturday, 48-year-old Wayne C. is accused of kidnapping and murder. He should be brought before a judge later that day.

The official, who belongs to a unit for the protection of parliamentarians and diplomats, was arrested last Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping after 33-year-old Sarah Everard disappeared without a trace. The suspicion of murder against him was later confirmed. He is also accused of indecent exposure.

After body parts were found in a wooded area in the county of Kent in south-east England, the British police confirmed on Friday that it was Sarah Everard, who had been missing for days. Everard had left a friend’s apartment in the southern London borough of Clapham on the evening of March 3 and never got home. For days the police asked the public for clues about the case.

The disappearance of the young woman and the search that followed shocked and moved the whole of Great Britain. The case also sparked a debate about women’s safety. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on Twitter on Thursday that he was “shocked and sad”. This “terrible crime” must now be solved quickly.

A vigil for the slain Sarah Everard in London.Foto: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Thousands of women across the country planned a vigil that Saturday. After the police warned that the gatherings were violating Corona rules, the Reclaim These Streets initiative collected more than £ 37,000 for possible legal fees by Friday morning.

The group announced that they would file a lawsuit. If she succeeds, she will donate the money to a charity. “Otherwise we will be forced to cancel the vigil and no woman in England will be able to gather to assert her rights.” (AFP, dpa)

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