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Sara Sofía’s mother reveals how the last hours were with the minor

The disappearance of Sara Sofia remains a mystery to the authorities. Sara Sofía’s mother reveals how the last hours were with the minor

This week the mother of the minor was in a new interrogation, which was revealed by RCN News.

The minor 23 months old was reported missing by her relatives since last January 15, 2021. The minor lived with her aunt, her mother’s sister and who had custody of the girl.

Carolina Galván told minute by minute what happened since the day of Sara Sofía’s death, on January 27. He said that he left his house at 11:00 am and left the minor with his romantic partner. He says that he went out to prostitute himself and that he returned at 4:00 in the afternoon and the girl was asleep.

At 6:00 pm Nilson stopped to look at the girl and said “I see the girl blowing foam from her nose, so I started crying and started moving the girl to wake her up and she did not wake up. Nilson hugged me and told me to calm down, to calm down… We left her there for about half an hour and after a while Nilson took a dark blue blanket, wrapped it, put it in a white sack and left it in the living room ”.

Sara Sofía’s mother reveals how the last hours were with the minor

Later he added that “we went to bed to sleep. The children began to say that Sarita was alive and Nilson scolded them. He told them that this was not a game. The four children realized that Sarita was dead. They asked what had happened and Nilson said he did not know. I couldn’t sleep and looked around the living room every so often to see if the girl suddenly heard her cry and could take her out. “

The next day they went to claim a food voucher, they returned to the house and the body was still there, wrapped in a sack, thrown in the living room, where it remained until the next day. That is, they kept the body for more than 48 hours. On Friday, January 29, after going to a religious service, when he returned home, the body was gone. Carolina Galván says that Nilson confessed that the body had disappeared.

Although this version is not new, it is the one on which the mother of the minor is still based to indicate that Sara Sofía is dead.

According to RCN News, the Prosecutor’s Office has almost 25 testimonies that have been providing clues to try to determine what really happened to the girl.

The hypothesis that would indicate that Sara Sofía died from blows

Now they investigate if the beatings inflicted by Sara Sofía Galván’s mother would have caused the death of the baby.

The newspaper El Tiempo explained that:

“Little by little it has been known that The version that the girl died after eating food and later taking a nap would not be so true, rather, it is being investigated whether a strong blow caused by her mother would have been the cause of the minor’s death, ”indicates the media.

They also say that there are witnesses who have reported this version, but are protected.

After the violent death, the girl’s wounded body was allegedly taken by Nilson Diaz to a kind of sewer or pipeline in the neighborhood Class Roma, in the south of the city, explained the medium.

They even say that Díaz, would have knowledge of the exact place where the body was left and who would have the ability to guide the authorities to find it.

For now Nilson and Carolina stick to their version of an accidental death.

The couple decided that they would not accept charges for the crime of aggravated enforced disappearance.

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