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Santiago Solari applauds VAR in Concachampions after paying “high toll against Olimpia”

Santiago Solari, technical director of América, highlights the presence of video refereeing in the Concachampions from the quarterfinals

The coach of America, Santiago Solari, celebrated that Concacaf applies the VAR in the Champions League starting with the quarter-final round, this is due to the fact that in the round of 16 phase we “paid a high toll” against Olimpia, a rival that left three injured players and that, due to the lack of technology, none were observed. Red card.

“It is not a nuisance, it is a reality and there were no complaints. We have paid a high toll of that second leg against Olimpia for what happened, for the violence and the lack of action in the face of violence. The fracture could be avoided and (Sebastián) Córdova has not returned either. Of those who were left out was (Nicolás) Benedetti and others could be left out ”, he said.

In a press conference and ahead of the first leg of the quarter-finals against Portland, Solari explained that Concacaf must be at the level of the best tournaments in the world.

“I don’t know, but it seems to me that all competitions should be the best they can be and grow. From our humble position we collaborate competing with the best that one can have and that is the spirit of athletes and The VAR is already in use at the international and national level of Leagues and in all the important ones, the Concacaf It has to catch up and I am glad that it does, ”he declared.

“We always participate with the illusion of being better the day before, the illusion of growing, traveling a path and the conditions accompany the prestige of the great clubs that come to give the best of themselves,” he added.

Along the same lines, he mentioned that the fans also ask for a show and this must be given with all the tools so that what happened against the Central American team is not repeated.

“The sports people and those who are not from sports, what we want is to play fair and in the best conditions and in that equality people enjoy and raise the level of competition. They are not annoyances, they are realities ”, he commented.

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