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Sandra Pitta and the Russian vaccine: “The President has no notion of what he is doing”

Sandra Pitta, the CONICET pharmacist and biotechnologist who gained notoriety when President Alberto Fernández told her during the campaign that he would “take care of his work”, referred this Sunday to the Sputnik V vaccines arriving from Russia, noting that “I would never be vaccinated, because I have no information, everything that revolves around Sputnik V is very non-transparent, there is no data, the bibliography is very scarce, I believe that President Alberto Fernández has no notion of what he is doing. .. “.

“The President has experts around him, and all this that I am telling about the scant information on the Russian vaccine they know absolutely well, so either they are not transmitting it well, or he does not understand it, he does not understand the gravity of the situation”, considered Pitta, highlighting that “the Sputnik V vaccine, like the AstraZeneca It is based on viral vectors, on adenovirus, and there are many studies done on adenovirus vaccines, many have failed, some have had some success, but there is an adverse effect that is noted in many of these vaccines, which is deep vein thrombosis in people who receive the vaccine “.

“That may or may not happen, of course, but if that adverse effect has not been detected or has been detected and is not being said, people with coagulopathies should not receive it,” Pitta added in dialogue with Gonzalo Aziz in News Air, by Radio Miter.

The Russian government authorized the Sputnik V vaccine for people over 60 years old

“I would like to know where are the contraindications of the Sputnik V vaccine? Because the Pfizer vaccine has already been observed that certain people with certain allergies cannot receive it, so what do the states do, they decide not to apply it to any person with allergies just in case until we see well what is the component that is causing that allergic reaction in prone people. But here with the Russian vaccine there is no type of contraindication, so what happened? There was nothing, were there no adverse effects? That is very rare … “.

Regarding the approval of the ANMAT that authorized the application of the Russian vaccine in the country, Pitta said that “the prestige that the Gamaleya Center has here does not serve as a guide, it must be based on evidence, scientists that is what we do, not It matters if a vaccine comes from there, from Pfizer or from another place, I tell you more, the one from Pfizer was made by two scientists of Turkish origin in Germany, immigrant scientists from a small company that joined Pfizer, so that of prestige it is an argument that has its weight, but scientists do not use it, it is not the main argument. “

“There are many scientists who think like me, privately we say all this is crazy, but later they get confused with ideologies,” said Pitta, considering that “except for those who are very fanatics of Kirchnerism, others say ‘this is not a scientific method'”.

Gabriel Rubinstein says in a Clarín note that the ANMAT approved the Russian vaccine in a strange way, because there was no provision. “It tells you this was approved, as it did with Pfizer, but here in Sputnik V there was no provision, there was a resolution from the Ministry of Health that said ‘ANMAT recommended it’ and there is a letter that was made public that recommends it, but without data … “Pitta said.

“I think ANMAT should have these data, because to recommend something you need scientific data, you need evidence, but I would like someone from ANMAT to come out and say that they have these documents, so we can evaluate them. The country is not discussed here, I am I would also reject if it came from the United States without evidence, but to pass everything through the ideological sieve is a huge mistake and also a trap they want us to fall into, “concluded Pitta.


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