Samuel García and his Photoshopped mask are teased

Mexico City /

The senator with a license and candidate of the Citizen Movement for the governorship of Nuevo León, Samuel García, became a trend in networks … again. However, this time it was not because of his eccentric dance, or his perspective on salary in Mexico, but because of his use of masks or, rather, the apparent drawing of one.

Through his social networks, the legislator shared a photograph to celebrate Christmas. In this image you can see him reunited with his family wearing orange and turquoise masks. But what surprised users is that it seems that it is a design, and that those attending the meeting were not wearing masks.

“We have to take care of our loved ones and keep our guard up: celebrate by following all possible health and distance measures,” Garcia wrote, although on the contrary, they are not appreciated following these provisions.

The design of the masks aroused the doubts of users, who quickly placed the senator’s name among the trends, questioning skills and use of digital tools like Photoshop to add them on the image.

This is not the first time that the Emecist candidate has gone viral, as he was recently criticized for claiming that “there are people with a 50,000 salary and living happily”, or pointing out that his father forced him to play golf.


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