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Salvador Nasralla says he will not make an alliance with elected candidates

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Salvador Nasralla, party president Salvador from Honduras (PSH), and a possible presidential candidate for the general elections in Honduras in November, mentioned this Monday that it does not contemplate alliances with candidates elected from other political institutions in the presidential elections.

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Nasralla, who contended in 2013 with the Anti-Corruption Party (PAC) as a candidate for the presidency (fourth place) and in 2017 as a figure of the Opposition Alliance (Libre, Pinu and Salvador Nasralla), is preparing to put together his third candidacy in November, for the presidential term 2022-2026.

Television presenter and civil engineer by profession, Nasralla, from 68 years old, he has met with different sectors, after the process of primary elections in Honduras on March 14, to evaluate possibilities of multiparty alliances in the search to defeat the ruling National party, since 2010 in the Executive.

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“We are not going to accept any of the candidates who are participating in primary elections,” Nasralla tells Radio América, in Tegucigalpa. “I don’t put my hands on the fire for anyone, but they can investigate me wherever they want,” he added.

Next to Luis Zelaya, Nelson Ávila, María Luisa Borjas, Wilfredo Méndez and other representative figures of the Liberal and Free parties, Nasralla has announced a line of multiparty alliance against the candidates who, virtually, are the winners in the political institutions.

According to figures from the National Electoral Council (CNE), with more than 90% of the electoral records scrutinized, Nasry Ashura (National Party), Yani Rosenthal (Liberal party) and Xiomara Castro (Libertad y Refundación party) have a vast advantage over internal contenders and are on track to appear on the November ballot for the presidential seat.

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“I have spoken with several people. Honduras needs a winning alliance that is geopolitically accepted by the countries that Honduras depends on,” Nasralla describes, referring to the incursion of supporters of Free within your movement.

For Nasralla, an assiduous critic of the nationalist administration and the traditional parties, neither Rosenthal, Asfura or Castro have the permission to be presidents of Honduras.

“The mayor (Asfura) is taking care of Juan Orlando Hernández (current president of Honduras), the Liberal party is coming out of jail (in reference to Yani Rosenthal) and Xiomara Castro is a good woman, but his husband (Manuel Zelaya Rosales) was mentioned in New York “, emphasized, with controversy, Nasralla.

Honduran party sectors question the PSH leader for his lack of structures ahead of the general elections in November and anticipate his third consecutive defeat. “You have no structure. You have no party. You do not have people to defend the (electoral) tables,” he told him in recent days. Fernando Anduray. leader of the National party, in an interview with a media outlet.

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