Salinas Pliego sends a New Year’s message and asks “to learn to live without fear” in the face of COVID

To close with a flourish the year in which, despite the pandemic, he called on people to leave home and risk getting infected, Ricardo Salinas Pliego released this Thursday his new year message.

Through social networks, the president of Salinas Group shared a text addressed to all the partners of his company. And, in this, he reiterated his position on COVID-19, which has claimed the lives of more than 124 thousand people in Mexico.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Salinas Pliego caused controversy by showing off the end-of-the-year parties he made for executives and celebrities who work in Tv Azteca and other companies. In particular, a scandal broke out when Pati chapoy, Javier Alatorre and other television hosts appeared in their videos without face masks or healthy distance.

In that sense, in his New Year’s message, Salinas Pliego assures that 2020 left as a lesson “learning to live without fear”. Throughout the year, the businessman repeated this, privileging the country’s economy in the midst of the crisis that caused a virus that is not yet fully known. And this time was not the exception.

“We have decided to fight, go out to the streets to seek the livelihood of tens of thousands of our collaborators and overcome this crisis. We will never be prey to fear, ”Salinas reiterated.

Likewise, as he has done on other occasions, Salinas Pliego once again criticized the government of Mexico for transmitting the message “Stay home” in the face of COVID-19. However, he ignored that the same World Health Organization (WHO) is the one that recommends this measure worldwide.

“I am convinced that ‘he who does not risk, does not win’. And if you don’t have big goals, it’s not worth leaving home. Perhaps that is why many have decided to lock themselves up, “adds Salinas.

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