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Sahara dust and heavy rain – ex-hurricane Larry scares away our summer!

It just had to come at some point: summer turns into late summer. It doesn’t get hot anymore. But wet and dusty.

Because after the thunderstorm phase of the weather, things will probably get dirty at the weekend.

“The summer is slowly saying goodbye. Ex-Hurricane Larry will now have a decisive influence on our general weather situation, “says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather portal to BILD.

Because: Ex-Hurricane Larry is already a low near Iceland. It is now fueling the building of a new high from the weekend.

Weather expert Jung: “It now depends on how exactly the high above Eastern Europe is positioned and how long it can last there. Depending on the situation, there may be a longer period of good weather, with cooler temperatures than before, or it quickly becomes more changeable again when lows can penetrate from the west to Germany if the high shifts too far to the east. “

Sahara dust and heavy rain

Now warm air masses are still coming from the western Mediterranean area. They are still with us today and tomorrow, but then slowly pull away. That’s why there is some Saharan dust even in the atmosphere. Also with us.

“This shows that the air masses come directly from North Africa. Therefore it is particularly warm today and 25 degrees and more are often reached. On the Rhine, temperatures of up to 28 or 29 degrees are even possible, “says graduate meteorologist Jung.

From Tuesday noon, the first thunderstorms and showers are coming from France and Benelux. In some cases, heavy rain with local flooding can occur.

Weather expert Jung warns: “Starting this afternoon, Tief Roland will come. From the evening onwards, this will bring showers and thunderstorms in particular to Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia. “

“Then on Wednesday heavy downpours and thunderstorms, locally up to 50 liters per square meter are possible. Later in the north-west it will be quieter again and in Lower Bavaria probably only a few showers or thunderstorms in the evening, “explains graduate meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from WetterKontor.

On Thursday heavy rain and thunderstorms in the east and south, showers in the north and mostly dry in the west.

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