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“Safe, great, unbelievable”: Trump recommends corona vaccination for US citizens

“Safe, great, incredible”
Trump recommends corona vaccination for US citizens

During his time in the White House, Donald Trump often played down the risk of the coronavirus. The ex-president seems to be convinced of the effectiveness of the Corona-Vakzone. In an interview, he now recommends his fellow citizens to be vaccinated against the pathogen.

Former US President Donald Trump recommended that people in the US get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The vaccinations are “safe”, “great” and “incredibly” effective, Trump told the conservative broadcaster Fox News. When asked by the presenter if he would recommend vaccination to viewers, the Republican said, “I would recommend it to a lot of people who don’t want it – and a lot of the people voted for me, really.” According to surveys, many Republicans in the USA view the corona vaccination with skepticism.

The vaccinations “really save our country, and frankly save the world,” Trump said in the telephone interview. The 74-year-old, who suffered from Covid-19 after a corona infection last year, had himself vaccinated before the end of his term in January, as reported in the US media. Trump did not deny this in the conversation.

However, Trump also left a back door open for those who do not want to be vaccinated. “We have our freedoms and we have to stick to them, and I agree. But it’s a great vaccination, it’s a safe vaccination,” said Trump. Last week, former US presidents from both parties – Democrats Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Republican George W. Bush – jointly called for corona vaccinations in an advertising campaign. “This vaccination means hope. It will protect you and those you love from this dangerous and deadly disease,” said Obama in one of the video clips. Trump was the only living ex-president who did not attend.

According to the US health authority CDC, a total of around 111 million doses of corona vaccine have been administered to date. More than 72 million people received at least the first dose, around 39 million are already fully vaccinated. In the US, the vaccines from Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer are used, in which two doses are injected, and the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which is fully effective after just one dose.

Experts fear that the US could reach the point as early as the summer when the supply of vaccines is greater than the demand in view of widespread skepticism among people. President Joe Biden’s administration has promised to have enough vaccine for all roughly 260 million adults in the country by the end of May. A total of around 330 million people live in the USA.

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