The Executive Branch has given authorization to Essalud (Social Health Insurance) for continue with the payment of S / 760, in an exceptional way, to those workers who are within the perfect suspension of work, whose employer has up to 100 workers and provided they receive a gross remuneration of up to 2,400 soles.

The Economic Provision of Emergency Social Protection in the face of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic It is delivered for each calendar month overdue that the perfect suspension of work lasts, up to a maximum of three months.

In addition, in accordance with Emergency Decree No. 034-2021, issued by the Government of Peru, the measure establishes that worker’s right to apply for the Economic Benefit of Emergency Social Protection in the face of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic expires 90 calendar days after completion of the perfect suspension.

It should be mentioned that workers who have been benefited with a government bond will not be able to access this new subsidy awarded by Essalud

Meanwhile, the same Norm provides the delivery of a one-time temporary disability subsidy for COVID-19 patients.


  • All those workers that, currently, are in perfect suspension of work and that your gross salary is up to S / 2400.


  • The allocated amount is S/760 for each worker.


  • Workers in perfect suspension of work.
  • Workers belonging to a company with 100 workers or less.
  • Workers with a gross compensation of up to S / 2400.

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