A medical team from a Russian hospital successfully completed open heart surgery as firefighters struggled to contain a serious fire engulfing the roof of the old building.

More than 120 people were evacuated and no injuries were reported at the hospital in Blagoveshchensk in the far east of Russia.

The surgery continued thanks to an emergency power cord that was installed in the operating room on the ground floor while the fans kept the smoke out.

The patient who underwent cardiac surgery was later evacuated.

The main surgeon, Valentin Filatov, said his team “had to save this person.”

“We did everything possible,” he said.

Eight doctors and nurses they participated in the two-hour operation, which began just before the fire broke out.

Russia’s Emergency Ministry reported that the hospital was built in 1907, in the tsarist era, and that the fire “spread like lightning through the wooden ceilings.” A short circuit is believed to have caused the fire.

The doctor Antonina Smolina assured that “no spread the panic” among hospital staff.

Amur Regional Governor Vasily Orlov praised the professionalism of the surgical team and firefighters for putting out the fire. They are expected to receive awards.

It is the only hospital in the region with a specialized cardiology unit.

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