Russian influencer criticizes Oaxaca and calls it a “paranoid state” for respecting sanitary measures

Oaxaca de Juárez.— The Russian influencer Xeina queen assured that he will not return to Oaxaca because it is “a paranoid state” for respecting prevention measures to mitigate the contagion of Covid-19, including a reduced capacity of 400 people per day in Monte Alban and that other archaeological sites such as Yagul.

Through her social media accounts, the young woman, who lives in Mexico, assured that she will never return to tour Monte Alban, because he criticized that only “Mexicans who lined up from 7 am” can access the archaeological site.

“I could not enter Monte Alban because at 11 they no longer have space. Only the Mexicans who formed from 7 am passed. Lousy, lousy place to sightsee. I will never go back to touring this paranoid state. That they remain without international tourism ”, he posted.


In addition, he criticized that at that time there was still a line of up to 90 cars formed. The influencer’s anger increased by Monte Alban since it also could not access Yagul, since this archaeological zone is still closed due to the health emergency.

“They believe too much. There are much better places in the country and without doing so much stupidity. Bye forever Oaxaca“Tiktoker also added in her post.

The Russian woman has more than 57 thousand followers on Instagram, where some users questioned her for her derogatory and negative statements against the state

“Is it going to last until all Oaxacans are vaccinated or what? I will not spend another peso in Oaxaca, they do not deserve it. The worst state in Mexico I know, ”he wrote.


After the criticism, the young woman uploaded a photograph of the Virgin of Guadalupe that is in the Cathedral of Oaxaca to apologize, and assured that she has received threats to “put her in black bags” or “throw stones at her.”

“Calm down! I had a great time in Oaxaca, it is an extremely beautiful place, with a lot of history and culture. I admit that perhaps I exaggerated something in my publications, but it was the result of my fatigue, because I spent several hours in the heat, unable to enter any place that interested me and I already felt dizzy, to all the offended, a thousand apologies “, he added in a last post.

Last Tuesday, December 29, Oaxaca reached 27,945 confirmed cases of Covid-19, after adding 247 new cases and deaths from the disease reached 2,110 according to official data from the Health Services ( SSO).

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