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Russia is calling back its ambassador in Washington

In an interview, Joe Biden was asked if he thought Vladimir Putin was a killer. “I do,” was the US President’s reply (read more here).

Moscow has now responded to Biden’s statements about the Russian president. Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to Washington, has been ordered back home for deliberations. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday evening that relations between the two countries should be discussed with the diplomat.

The new US administration has been in office for almost two months – “and this is a good reason to assess what the Biden team can and cannot do.” The conversation is about how the relationships that are in a “dead end” can be corrected. “We are interested in preventing irreversible deterioration,” it said.

Biden had also announced that there would be consequences for Putin that Russia wanted to influence the presidential election to help Donald Trump win. “He will pay a price,” said the US president in the interview with ABC News. When asked what the consequences would be, he said, “You will see shortly.”

A released report by the US intelligence coordinator concluded that the Russian government wanted to influence the US election in Trump’s favor. Moscow relied on its secret service, state media, internet trolls and allies in Ukraine in its campaign, it said.

One of Moscow’s most important strategies was to accuse Biden and his family of corruption in connection with Ukraine. Russia’s agents had also targeted Americans who had ties to Trump’s government to demand the initiation of investigations against Biden. There have also been attempts to manipulate Trump administration officials and media, it said.

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