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Rules you must follow to be an elegant and classy woman who steals the eyes

Being an elegant woman at all times is possible, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money or have designer clothes.

From how you feel to the care you give to your hair and nails are very important to project class.

That is why we tell you the rules that you must follow to enhance your elegance wherever you go.

Rules you must follow to be an elegant and classy woman who steals the eyes

Perfect nails

The hands are an area of ​​our body that we must take more care of, because they say a lot about our personality and class.

So keep them painted always, even if only with glitter, whether they are short or long, and you will look elegant.

Balance your look

You don’t have to wear luxurious or branded clothes to look sophisticated, but it is important that you know how to combine the clothes you have.

So always look for balance in your look, that is, if you wear a skirt complemented with a sweater or shirt, and if you wear a low-cut blouse, then opt for pants, so you will look elegant and sexy.

Simple makeup

Makeup is vital for an elegant look, but do not overdo it, because here the rule of “less is more” applies to its maximum in its expression.

So it is advisable to wear a simple makeup, nothing exaggerated, that enhances your natural beauty, that is, base, blush, lip gloss, and that’s it.

Take care of the state of your clothes

It does not matter what clothes you wear, what is an infallible rule is that your clothes must be in good condition so that you look perfect.

And it is that it is worth nothing if you have the most expensive clothes if it is torn or stained, so it is vital that your clothes are impeccable, and you will always look elegant.

Keep a straight posture

Your posture says a lot about you and your class, so it is important that you always maintain an upright position whether walking, sitting, or standing.

So no matter what look you wear, if you are with the correct posture you will exude elegance.

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