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Ruckus in Muslim girl wearing hijab in America, ban on playing | america – World

Ruckus over wearing Muslim girl's hijab in America, banned for playing

Nazah Aqeel has been banned for playing volleyball in the US wearing a hijab.

An athlete (Disqualified on Volleyball) from volleyball has been disbanded at a high school in Tennessee province of Merika. The reason for this was stated that he was wearing a score during the match.

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  • Last Updated:September 28, 2020, 3:05 PM IST

Tenancy. An athlete in high school in Tennessee province of the US has been disqualified on Volleyball from volleyball. The reason for this was stated that he was wearing a score during the match. Nazah Akeel is a student of Vlor Collegiate Prep in Neshville and wore a hijab during a volleyball match. In fact, during a warm-up match in Neshville on September 15, Nazah’s coach told the referee to let it play with the hijab. The referee, showing the rules, said that Nazah could be allowed to play with the hijab. 14 years Nazah Akeel said that he has been forbidden to play with Hijab. He told that before this he had no problem in playing the earlier matches.

‘Hijab is part of my religion, why should I allow anyone to wear it’

Nazah has been forbidden from playing with Hijab and now she is sitting off the court wearing a hijab and has decided not to play the match. Most women who wear hijab sit on it between women and close family members. Najah said in a conversation with CNN that I was very angry because I had never heard of this rule of the game before. He told that there is no mention of wearing or not wearing hijab in the rules of the game. I do not think that when the hijab is a part of my religion, I need to get permission from someone to wear it.

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National Federation of State High School Association Executive Director Carissa Knoyf said that in the US, rules have been made in every school regarding the competition, but the guidelines are not a rigid rule. The state should make a concession on exceptions.

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