Saprissa is not having the best of its beginnings in the Clausura 2021 Tournament of the Promeric League of Costa Rica, what has caused you to bring criticism for your coach Roy Myers who has not yet earned the trust of the fans and doubts that they can continue in the fight for the scepter.

Roy Myers gave his point of view about the moment of his team, but is adamant that the Purple Monster may be in the next round, despite the fact that the expected results have not been achieved, but these will be enough to be in the classifieds, this after the criticism that received the strategist.

“Like the fans, we are also deeply concerned, I worry too much that a team like Saprissa I cannot add three in so many games, we are looking for solutions, I recognize the footballers effort, the victories are going to come, I think, if we are going to classifysaid the Myers.

“We said that we were going to leave young people in important positions and we are doing it, we do not promise championships, we promise effort and work. Having the whole team I think we can fight, with the casualties we have had it has been difficultadded the strategist when questioned about the rotations he has had.

Saprissa is third in the table with 20 points, a product of just four wins, eight draws and three losses. Has scored 23 goals and 17 conceded which leaves it with a difference of six. The purples will return to activity on Sunday when visit to Carthaginian.

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